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Train Strikes 2023: Dates For January And Other Details



Train Strikes 2023: Dates For January And Other Details

Railway workers are gearing up to take part in a series of 48-hour strikes that are slated to happen in December and January. The strike comes in response to the long-running debate over jobs, pay, and conditions in London.

Here is everything you need to know.

Rail strike dates: January 2023 dates

The Rail, Maritime, and Transport Union (RMT) recently confirmed that they will take industrial action by staging a series of 48-hour strikes.

According to The Evening Standard, over 40,000 members from Network Rail and 14 other companies will take part in the strikes.

Moreover, reports claim that there will be four 48-hour periods of strike occurring between December and January, which is most likely to affect Christmas travel.

Meanwhile, it is announced that the strikes are scheduled to happen on 13, 14, 16, and 17 in December. In January, the walk-outs will take place on the 3, 4, 6 and end on the 7.

Why are railway workers going on a strike?

While different transport unions are planning to strike for many reasons, the common issue is related to pay.

According to a report, ASLEF union members are striking due to the pay cut they have experienced in the past three years due to inflation and rising living costs.

Meanwhile, the RMT is planning to walk out following an ongoing debate over working conditions, job security, and pay. 

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said, ‘This latest round of strikes will show how important our members are to the running of this country and will send a clear message that we want a good deal on job security, pay, and conditions for our people.’

train strikes

He added, ‘we are sorry to inconvenience you, but we urge you to direct your anger and frustration at the government and railway employers during this latest phase of action.’

Moreover, the members of Unite have claimed that there had not been an increase in their pay in the last three years.

The TSSA (Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association) on the other hand stated they are yet to receive assurances for job security and working practices.

Which train companies’ workers are striking in December?

Railway workers from 14 train companies including Network Rail will participate in the 48-hour four-period strikes that are scheduled to take place between December and January. They are:

  • Chiltern Railways
  • Cross Country Trains
  • Greater Anglia
  • LNER
  • East Midlands Railway
  • c2c
  • Great Western Railway
  • Northern Trains
  • South Eastern
  • South Western Railway
  • Transpennine Express
  • Avanti West Coast
  • West Midlands Trains
  • GTR (including Gatwick Express)


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Aubrey O’Day spills tea about her breakup with Pauly D



Aubrey O’Day spills tea about her breakup with Pauly D

Aubrey O’Day is finally shedding light on her infamous split with Jersey Shore star Pauly D.

Here is everything you need to know.

Aubrey O’Day reveals how she find out Pauly D cheated on her

Aubrey O’Day recently sat down with SiriusXM for his radio show ‘Mack In The Morning!’ 

During her interview, she explained how and when she knew that her relationship with Pauly D was over.

Additionally, she admitted that the duo got back together after wrapping up filming for Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. If you didn’t know the couple participated in the eleventh season of the reality show that premiered back in September 2018.

However, O’Day claimed that Pauly D had to travel to Miami since he was working on the revival of MTV Jersey Shore.

The 38-year-old actress said, ‘I was with him all the way up until he left for ‘Jersey Shore’ with the ‘you’re my wife,’ ‘I love you,’ ‘I’ll call you on your birthday; I’ll get my phone back from the producers.’

Moreover, O’Day stated that she learned about Pauly D’s infidelity through a phone call from Lauren Sorrentino. 

It is important to note that Mike Sorrentino’s now-wife was not aware that O’Day had rekindled her relationship with Pauly D.

Anyhow, during the phone call, Sorrentino filled in O’Day about the MTV show and casually addressed Pauly D’s latest encounter.

O’Day recalled, ‘And I’m just listening to the trash. And then she said, “And Pauly fingered two waitresses at the club last night.” And that’s how I learned that I’m not the ‘wife’ that he’s calling on my birthday.’

Aubrey O’Day talks about her toxic relationship with Pauly D

Aubrey O’Day slammed her then-boyfriend Pauly D for the way he treated her during their brief relationship.

The former Danity Kane stated, ‘I went to Bali. I was able to heal and have such an incredible experience, and now I feel ready to talk a bit more about the things I’ve been through in life since everybody likes to report about them incorrectly.’

Aubrey O'Day

O’Day added that she waited almost a year before she released a song about her relationship with the 42-year-old DJ as she didn’t want it to be filled with pain or anger.

In addition, O’Day dropped her latest single Couple Goals which addresses her toxic relationship with Pauly D. 

Meanwhile, the Bad Girl hitmaker went out with Pauly D for a year and a half after their first meeting in 2015.


Maddii is your typical nerd with a voracious appetite for books. She loves midnight snacking.

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Monty Lopez Confirms He Divorced Sheri Easterling “Months Ago”



Monty Lopez, Addison Rae’s father seems to have completely moved on as he claims he has divorced his ex-wife Sheri Easterling. Recently, the 46 years old was on a ZOOM interview and he spilled the beans on his life post-separation with Sheri Easterling. While now he feels like he is totally free to move ahead in life.

Read ahead to know more about Monty Lopez claims he is divorced from Sheri Easterling.

Addison Rae’s father Monty Lopez and his love life

While everyone is well aware of Addison Rae. Her parents since long have been making headlines for their love life and its struggles. Parents of Rae, Sheri Easterling, and Monty Lopez have three kids together Rae, and her two brothers Enzo and Lucas.

 Monty Lopez
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Sugar Factory

However, despite their lovely family, the relationship of Monty with Sheri didn’t go well. As Monty was several times in rumours for cheating on Sheri. While currently both Sheri Easterling and Monty Lopez are living separately. Not just that, Sheri was to sparking dating rumours with Yung Gravy. As two of them kissed at VMA.

Monty Lopez claims he divorced Sheri Easterling

Keeping the love life of Sheri Easterling and Monty Lopez outside their marriage apart. The separation of the two was the talk of the town. In fact, the dating rumours of both Sheri and Monty made Rae so upset that she unfollowed her parents on social media.

Meanwhile now, in a ZOOM interview with Page Six, Monty Lopez opened up about his love life post-separation from Sheri. As he said that he is divorced from Sheri now. That happened months ago according to him. In fact, now he is already in a new relationship that he is enjoying a lot.

Who is Monty Lopez dating right now?

Monty Lopez after having several dating rumours with one or the other women seems finally settled with one. As during his interview with Page Six, Monty had with him his new love Renee Ash. Monty seems to be very much in love with Ash.

Meanwhile, during the interview, Ash said that she wants to meet Monty Lopez‘s immediate family first. As such she is taking the relationship with him in a slow way. She wants to meet Sheri and Rae first before meeting Monty’s sons.

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A Look At Elon Musk Net worth Explored After He Loses $100 Billion as Tesla Stock Prices Plummet



Elon Musk’s fortune has shrunk by over $100 billion this year, but he remains the world’s richest man. Tesla shares have plummeted by 100 billion dollars, causing Elon Musk to suffer a staggering loss. The Fortune Five Hundred billionaire remains at the top of the global wealth list. In spite of the fact that his riches have dropped more than anyone at his level, he continues to prosper. However, his social media and motor empires remain vulnerable. Tesla’s share price has declined directly in proportion to Musk’s wealth. Most of the magnate’s income comes from his three companies, according to Bloomberg. SpaceX is doing well, with a $100 billion valuation this October, while Tesla clearly isn’t.

As indicated by Bloomberg, one reason behind this is the way that every one of the three of Musk’s companies is totally dependent on him. This is a risk, taking into account that the businessman needs to split his consideration and assets between every one of them immediately. In relation to media outlet reports relating to Tesla’s security findings, in spite of the fact that Mr. Musk invests significant time with Tesla and is profoundly dynamic in our administration, he doesn’t commit his full time and consideration [to the company]. Being autistic, Musk likewise thinks uniquely in contrast to other people. This prompted Tesla’s previous achievements yet in addition is by all accounts prompting its current decay. Its resources, for instance, have dropped 58.03 per cent up to this point in 2022. Besides, Tesla’s President holds fifteen per cent, implying that his financial returns in the company additionally saw an 8.6 billion dollar loss. All that in only one day!

Elon Musk Net Worth Have Plummeted By 100 billion Dollars Causing Him To Suffer A Staggering Loss

Tesla shares have fallen to their lowest level in two years as Elon Musk remains busy revamping Twitter. As a result, Elon Musk net worth has dropped by over $100 billion this year. Although Elon Musk net worth has plummeted, he is still the world’s richest person. New York trading on Monday saw Tesla shares drop 6.8% to $167.87, their lowest level since November 2020. To date, the shares are down 58% this year and 20% in the last month. This is an even greater decline than this year’s nearly 30% drop in the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 Index. A major portion of Musk’s fortune comes from Tesla, which has been struggling with COVID-related restrictions in China, its largest overseas market. Reports from Bloomberg indicate that Tesla is also facing supply-chain snarls and soaring raw material costs, on top of recalling more than 300,000 cars. According to Musk, he doesn’t intend to be the CEO of any company and is looking to cut back on Twitter time and find someone else to handle it in the near future. Elon Musk is also reportedly considering stepping down as Tesla’s CEO, according to former Tesla board member James Murdoch.

Elon Musk Net Worth in 2022

The shares of Elon Musk’s EV maker Tesla have declined to their lowest mark in two years as he continues to revamp Twitter. Elon Musk net worth has fallen by more than $100 billion as a result. Even though Elon Musk net worth has fallen substantially, he remains the world’s richest person. Elon Musk’s net worth has fallen by $101 billion this year to date, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Adding to the top 5 list is Louis Vuitton’s CEO, Bernard Arnault, who has $157 billion in net worth. Gautam Adani with 130 billion, Jeff Bezos with $116 billion, and Bill Gates is ranked fifth with $113 billion. With COVID-related restrictions burgeoning in China, the largest market outside the U.S., Musk’s Tesla company comprises most of his fortune. On Monday, Elon Musk net worth decreased by nearly $8.6 billion. A little more than a year ago, it peaked at $340 billion. For the first time this year, Musk’s net worth dropped below $200 billion this month, after selling $3.95 billion in Tesla stock after buying Twitter for $44 billion. Additionally, Tesla missed its quarterly revenue expectations, posting a profit of $3.3 billion and revenue of $21.45 billion last month.

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