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Hilarious B Simone Memes Trending On Twitter After Revealing She Does Not Shower On A Daily Basis



Influencer B Simone admitted to skipping showers between Monday and Thursday, provoking fierce social media backlash. I don’t shower every day, the actress and comedian with 6 million Instagram followers said last week on her podcast “The Know For Sure Pod.” A clip circulating on Twitter featured B Simone’s co-host Megan Brooks asking when will she take another shower after Monday? B Simone replied, “Hopefully by Thursday morning,” adding that if we’re super busy, she would rather sleep than shower. The showering schedule of B Simone quickly went viral, making her name a trending topic on Twitter. A rash of internet commentators said Social media users erupted with memes about her hygiene after a rash of internet commentators expressed disgust. Users tweeted images of brownish-yellow baths, saying, “B Simone Bath like”. One Twitter user posted a video showing a cat sniffing a baby before scurrying away to throw up. The caption on the video read When I discovered why B Simone was trending.

Who Is B Simone?

An actress, singer, and social media influencer, B Simone is known for her work in various media. She was born in Dallas, Texas, on 5th April 1990. Her debut EP, Lost Soul, was released in 2014, following her audition for BET’s The Search contest in 2012. Earlier that year, Simone was cast as Aaliyah in a film about the late singer. She gained additional fame after appearing on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out in 2017 before appearing on VH1’s Girls Cruise alongside Lil Kim and Mya in 2019.

Besides running B.Simone Beauty, B Simone is also a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand owner. Aside from her comedy career, Simone has headlined several shows. According to reports, she has been a part of both the Lit AF Tour and Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour. Other prominent comedians like Mike Epps invited her to appear on their shows. Simone has been a producer on many films, including Scheme Queens and You’re My Boooyfriend. Additionally, the performer has amassed a substantial social media following.

B Simone’s Hilarious Shower Memes Trends On Twitter After Singer’s Bizarre Shower Revelation

Recently, singer and influencer B Simone found herself trending on Twitter after speaking about her shower habits with co-host Megan Brooks on The Know For Sure Pod. During an interview with her co-hosts, the singer disclosed she does not shower every day, asking if the habit is “nasty”. It was clarified by B Simone that she does not go four days without a shower, explaining that if she showers on Monday she will shower again on Wednesday or Thursday. B Simone’s shower habits became the subject of hilarious memes as her confession went viral online. On Thursday, B Simone filmed herself taking a shower in response to the controversy. In the Instagram video, she said, I’m in the shower, damn.

She said, “Y’all are so desperate for me to be in the shower.” YouGov America reported about 2/3 of Americans shower daily. Bathing daily is often more about habit and social norms than it is about health for many people-they showers to get rid of body odour, to get ready for the day, or to complete a morning routine that might include exercising. Celebrity showering habits, however, tend to attract a lot of attention on the internet. Earlier this year, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher faced intense criticism for admitting they didn’t bath every day, while Ashton Kutcher said he only washed his soles and holes. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher also claimed they only bathed their children if the dirt was visible.

MEMES: B Simone Don’t Shower Everyday


Fans believe Tom Holland and Zendaya are getting hitched soon



Rumors are swirling around that Tom Holland and Zendaya might be planning to settling-down together soon.

Here is everything you need to know.

Rumors claim Tom Holland and Zendaya are getting married soon

Fans are going gaga over the recent news suggesting that Tom Holland might be planning to soon tie the knot with his girlfriend Zendaya. 

On Wednesday, US Weekly released an article focusing on the Marvel couple.

According to news, Holland and Zendaya are allegedly thinking about a ‘future’ together.

Moreover, the insiders claimed the pair are ‘serious and permanent.’

The source further admitted, ‘They’re both in settling-down mode and are absolutely planning for a real future together.’

However, it is important to note that neither Holland nor Zendaya has confirmed or denied the ongoing rumors.

In the meantime, the pair never planned to reveal their relationship to the public but being open about the same has made them ‘strong and confident.’

Fans react to Tom Holland and Zendaya’s marriage rumors

Many fans took to Twitter to cheer Tom Holland and Zendaya for allegedly considering taking further steps into their relationship. 

Others on the other hand expressed them over how the pair are choosing to stay with each other.

A fan wrote, ‘I was about to sleep but TOM HOLLAND AND ZENDAYA ARE GETTING MARRIED WTF.’

Moreover, someone else chimed in saying, ‘wdym zendaya and tom holland are getting married??? I didnt even know they were ACTUALLY dating until now WHAT but im so happy for them.’

A different user shared, ‘#TomHolland & #Zendaya are reportedly considering getting married and starting a family like is this real cause i could scream with happiness for them.’


Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship explored

Tom Holland and Zendaya first met on the sets of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016. 

Later that year, the duo was featured on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Besides that, the Dune actress shared the photo with a caption that read, ‘Amidst all the chaos and sadness…this one good thing did happen to me today.’

However, in 2017, Holland and the Shake It Up alum sparked dating rumors after being spotted several times together at public events. 

Moreover, in 2021, pictures of the couple sharing a kiss leaked online which eventually led them to indirectly confirm their relationship.


Maddii is your typical nerd with a voracious appetite for books. She loves midnight snacking.

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Action Bronson is gearing up for his next wrestling opportunity



It appears like the world has not seen the last of Action Bronson in a wrestling ring. He recently revealed that he is preparing for his next shot at wrestling.

Here is everything you need to know.

Action Bronson opens up about his plans for wrestling

TMZ recently caught up with Action Bronson at the Los Angeles Airport where he was interviewed by the paparazzi. 

During the conversation, Bronson admitted that he is waiting for his next shot in a wrestling ring.

He noted, ‘I’m ready to go. I’m always ready.’

Moreover, a pap asked him whether he will add wrestling to his growing list of career resumes. 

Bronson on the other hand replied by saying that while loves the sport, the clock is continuing ticking.

He mentioned, ‘I’m an old man, bro. I’m an old man. But, I still got some good athleticism in me. Seven more years of athleticism if I play my cards right. I’m telling you.’

In addition, the Subzero MC pointed out that presently he does not have a specific opponent in mind. 

However, he shared, ‘I see storylines galore. I feel like there’s a storyline for the next 10 years with me.’

Furthermore, fans have noticed that recently Bronson has lost a considerable amount of weight owing to his boxing and weightlifting sessions. 

For the unversed, Bronson made his debut in wrestling following his incredible match against Matt Menard and Angelo Parker. Additionally, he teamed up with Hook to take down their opponents at the All-Elite Wrestling this year at Grand Slam.

Action Bronson explains how his AEW match came together

Action Bronson sat down with Ariel Helwani for an interview for The MMA Hour where he discussed his recent AEW bout.

During the interview, he said, ‘They had the idea for me to walk him down to the ring. Then, I started training a little bit and they saw my athleticism and prowess.’

If you didn’t know, Bronson and his partner for the fight Hook took down Matt ‘Daddy Magic’ Menard and Angelo ‘Cool Hand’ Parker during AEW Zero Hour.

Besides that, during the match, Bronson showed off his awesome agility with his vicious shoulder-slamming techniques. 

In the meantime, he managed to hold Menard with a taskmaster while Hook took care of Parker.

Meanwhile, someone asked Bronson whether he will take on any more wrestling matches.

He responded with, ‘I’m not part of the roster, but I’m a hired gun. I’m a f*cking hitman for hire.’


Maddii is your typical nerd with a voracious appetite for books. She loves midnight snacking.

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TikTok: What is T27 Christmas Tree Trend? Check out viral Videos



In TikTok, users have become obsessed with a Christmas tree that includes everything a house needs to feel festive, but it’s difficult to locate. It is no secret that TikTok has become known for its dance and music-centric trends, but they are not the only things that go viral on the short-form video platform. The TikTokers community has become accustomed to seeing many TikTokers raves about products they’ve purchased and started using. Among these items are pants, make-up products, and even kitchen utensils. The T27 Christmas Tree is sweeping across the app with the holiday season right around the corner.

In spite of this, it has already proven difficult to get ahold of it. You might wonder why a Christmas tree is so popular on TikTok. There’s something different about this T27 Christmas Tree. According to TikTok users, the T27 Christmas tree is quickly selling out, and the unlucky ones are rushing to their local Home Depot store as soon as possible to get one. Due to its impressive features, people are obsessed with the T27 Christmas tree. In spite of the model number being T27, it is actually called the Grand Duchess Balsam Fir Christmas Tree, which stands 7.5 feet high.

@mermaid1723 #T27 #christmastree #homedepot ♬ Silver Bells – Dean Martin

What Is TikTok’s T27 Christmas Tree? Why Are Users Obsessed With It

There is almost a month until Christmas, but TikTok users can’t wait to get their hands on Home Depot’s T27 Christmas Tree, which has been stealing social media in all its glory. There has been a lot of buzz on TikTok lately about the T27 Christmas tree quickly selling out, and those unlucky ones are desperate to buy one as soon as possible. What is it about a TikTok Christmas tree that’s going viral? Unlike your normal Christmas trees, the T27 is a bit different. Unlike an organic tree, this one is artificial. In spite of this, it comes pre-assembled with almost all the decorations needed for a Christmas tree. Apart from your favourite tree topper, that is. While that’s nothing new, this one looks a little classier than some others. In addition to its model number T27, it is also called the Grand Duchess Balsam Fir Christmas Tree, which measures 7.5 feet high. The most talked-about feature of this artificial tree is its pre-installed LED lights. A warm and cheerful glow is described as emanating from the 2,250 colour-changing LEDs with 10 functions on the website.

Additionally, you can control the lights with a free app that comes with the Christmas tree. It costs $349 for the T27 tree. In addition to this model, a 9-foot version is also available. The cost of that is $499. Despite the fact that the ornaments are ready-to-display, you can still decorate the artificial tree with more ornaments thanks to its 3,271 branch tips. In its description, it is described as providing thick foliage to hold your heirloom ornaments. The first person to post a video of the tree on TikToker was mermaid1723, and her video has already gained a few hundred thousand views. Users of TikTok are simply captivated by its beauty and features. It’s not that I need another tree, but… I might need one now. I don’t see how a 6th tree is going to hurt,” said one impressed viewer. Another user wrote: I want this so badly. I wish I could afford it.

@krystalwiley Loving my new tree this year. #homedepot #T27 #grandduchessbalsamfir #christmastok #christmastree ♬ Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! – Dean Martin
@kat_dooley #t27 #homedepot #tiktokchristmastree #christmastree #2022 #fyp ♬ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas – Michael Bublé
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