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Hello, Welcome at NewsMixed. If you are looking to collab with NewsMixed/Sponsored or Guest post Collaborations then you are at right page. You can fill the form below and connect with us. (Please mention your budget in message before asking us the price).

If you have any doubts, don’t get hesitated to connect us at the very next moment on [email protected] We are always here to help you. Also checkout the FAQs at the end of Form. Thank You!

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Is NewsMixed accepts Sponsored/Guest Posts?
Yes, NewsMixed is now accepting Sponsored/Guest Posts.
What type of articles accepts NewsMixed?
NewsMixed accepts all kind of articles, There are no restrictions.
Article will be marked as Sponsored?
No, article will not marked as sponsored.
Can we insert links in an Existing Post?
Yes, you can insert links in an existing post.
Can we Place Banner Ads?
Yes, you can put your banner ads on NewsMixed at anywhere you want.
Which Payment Methods accepts NewsMixed?
NewsMixed accepts Payoneer, Perfect Money and CrytoCurrency.