What Is Car Insurance?

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What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a contract between the customer and the insurance company covering financial and personal loss in case of any damages or loss to the vehicle. Car insurance providers offer different insurance plans and premium packages. However, purchasing a car insurance policy can be challenging for customers. The lack of access to the correct knowledge and comprehensive information can lead to a wrong decision.

Mawazna.com is a leading car insurance comparison platform in Pakistan. It aims to provide accurate information to customers over different insurance policies offered in the market. Mawazna.com closely follows car insurance trends in Pakistan and helps people make the right decision when investing in car insurance. Here are some important questions that customers can have in mind while buying a car insurance policy.

What is Covered by your Car Insurance in Pakistan?

Car insurance companies consider multiple factors before offering any policy. The following key factors can affect the premium of a car:It covers the value of the vehicleIt provides cover against damage to the car, such as theftIt covers the bodily injuryIt covers the cost of injuries, rehabilitation, and sometimes funeral expenses

What is Not Covered by Car Insurance in Pakistan?

A comprehensive car insurance policy aims at providing maximum benefit to car owners. However, certain areas are not covered by a car insurance policy in Pakistan as listed below:Intentional damages are not coveredDamages caused by robbery vandalism are not coveredBattery damagesTyres damagesDamage resulting by a short circuit

Types of Car Insurance Policies offered in Pakistan

It has become easier for motorists to get car insurance these days in Pakistan. Multiple car insurance companies are working in the market. Due to the tough competition in the market, car buyers need to know what type of insurance they are getting. According to the country’s traffic laws, a car owner must have at least third-party car insurance. Therefore, a car owner must strive for such a policy that provides peace of mind. Following are the types of car insurance policies offered in Pakistan:Third-Party Car InsuranceComprehensive Car Insurance

1- Third-Party Car Insurance

The 3rd party car insurance is the minimum legal requirement covering the damages done to a car. It covers the drivers against the damage done by them to someone else’s property. It also provides them with protection against injury caused by them to another driver or passenger.

2- Comprehensive Car Insurance

This is the highest level of protection that covers all damages to the car and third-party liabilities. Motorists can enjoy many benefits when they buy comprehensive car insurance. With this type of insurance, one can claim losses even at fault. It also covers lawsuits, damages to the car and offers financial assistance if the vehicle has been written off. However, it does not cover mechanical or electrical breakdown, depreciation, and wear and tear of the car.

Key Benefits of Buying Your Car Insurance

Car insurance providers in Pakistan offer multiple benefits to car owners. These companies consider different factors while providing car insurance to people. However, the essential services that motorists can get through car insurance in the country are:Peace of mind is ensured by car insuranceIt helps in doing financial planningIt reduces monetary risksProtection against car damagesIt covers personal accidentIt offers a shield against third-party liability, theft, and total loss

How to Select the Best Car Insurance Policy in Pakistan?

A car owner always looks for the best car insurance policy that covers all areas. Car owners need to consider the following factors before investing in any policy:They need to know how much coverage they can afford for themselves and their carsThey need to visit different companies to get an idea about the price of the policy, check the claim process, and carefully read the terms and conditionsMotorists must understand that they need to select insurance policy according to the type and model of their cars

To do this, car owners need to visit Mawazna.com to compare multiple insurers’ insurance policies and select the best approach for themselves.

Buying Your Auto Insurance for the First Time

When car owners visit the market to buy their first insurance, they need to consider the factors mentioned above. Car owners must know about the type of car insurance they want to buy. If you’re going to learn about different insurance policies, then Mawazna.com offers a complete guideline.

Essential Tips to Renew Your Car Insurance Policy

To renew a car insurance policy, car owners need to review the coverage, consider the car’s depreciation value; the insurer selects the right Insured Declared Value (IDV), gets the discount, and renew the policy before expiry. In addition to this, motorists need to drive the car responsibly and allow the insurer to review their car driving habits so that their policy renewal will be cheaper. You can visit Mawazna.com for complete guidance over policy renewal.

Available Add-ons with Your Car Insurance

Car owners to cover additional costs of the car can buy add-ons. It includes consumable cover, tracker, tow cover, zero depreciation, return to invoice, engine and tyre protection, road assistance, and passenger cover.

Key Benefits of Buying Your Car Insurance from Mawazna.com

Mawazna.com is a leading digital insurance marketplace and a comparison platform that car owners can use to compare a wide range of insurance policies in Pakistan. We work with all the top insurers to address your car insurance requirements and get your best deals. We offer special discounts to our customers and are one point of contact for them to reach out to multiple companies. To obtain guidance and claim assistance, Mawazna.com can help you by connecting you with the claims handling a team of the insurer. However, the claim is held only by the insurer based on the data. Following are some of the other key benefits one can enjoy through Mawazna.com:It is the easiest way to find the insurance plans offered by car insurersIt reviews and compares car insurance plans according to the needs of the peopleIt provides all the necessary information to buy any insurance plan online under one roof

How to Submit and Process Your Car Insurance Claim?

If you are involved in an accident, you can submit and process your car insurance claim through the following easy steps:Collect information about the accidentYou need to call the policeFile an accident reportCall the insurerWork comprehensively with the claim specialistGo for a diminished value claim

Once this process is completed, you will be shared the estimated cost of vehicle repair.

Understanding Car Insurance Rates

The car insurance rate is an estimation of the auto insurance premium. These rates variate in the market. If you want to know about the best insurance rate, Mawazna.com is the right place for you to get your answers.

Compare Car Insurance Rates at Mawazna.com

Mawazna.com is the right place for you to compare car insurance rates in Pakistan. It is the leading comparison platform in the country. Here, you can find the best insurance policy for the car. The following steps are essential to begin the comparison process at Mawazna.com:

1. Log in to www.mawazna.com

2. Visit the car insurance product to view various quotes

3. Share your vehicle details.

4. View various type of insurance policies available for you and select the one that is most suitable for you

Once you provide all the required information, you have to wait for a few seconds to get all the information about multiple policies available in the market.

Car Insurance Companies in Pakistan

The following is a list of leading car insurance companies in Pakistan. Mawazna.com is working as strategic partner with all of these insurers and you can get in touch with Team Mawazna if you wish to buy any of the following car insurance product:

Jubilee Car Insurance

It is one of the leading car insurance companies in Pakistan. Jubilee Car Insurance offers 3T Old Car Insurance, Old Car Comprehensive, Private Car Comprehensive, and Private Cars Third Party Liability Insurance. To buy Jubilee Car Insurance , visit the Mawazna Car Insurance comparison platform.

Adamjee Car Insurance

Adamjee Car Insurance provides cover against financial losses, theft, or third-party liability. To buy Adamjee Car Insurance, visit the Mawazna Car Insurance comparison platform.

TPL Car Insurance

TPL Car Insurance allows motorists to select from a wide variety of car insurance offerings, which includes Comprehensive, 5T, 3T, 2T, Secure T, Self Insurance, and DrivePro. To buy TPL Car Insurance, visit the Mawazna Car Insurance comparison platform.

Pak Qatar Auto Takaful

It provides comprehensive coverage for cars against accidents, theft, and third-party liability. It offers innovative features and easy pre and post Takaful processing. To buy Pak Qatar Auto Takaful, visit the Mawazna Car Insurance comparison platform.

EFU Car Insurance

EFU Car Insurance is offered against a wide range of damage incurred by the vehicle. To buy EFU Car Insurance, visit the Mawazna Car Insurance comparison platform.

UIC Motor Takaful

The UIC Motor Takaful comprehensively covers the damages against your car. It offers private car comprehensive, commercial car, and third-party insurance. To buy UIC Motor Takaful, visit the Mawazna Car Insurance comparison platform.

Askari Car Insurance

Askari Car Insurance is among the leading insurance providers working in the market. It covers damages done to the car against burglary, housebreaking, riots, strikes, earthquake, flood, landslide, terrorism, third party liability, and personal accident cover. To buy Askari Car Insurance, visit the Mawazna Car Insurance comparison platform.

IGI Car Insurance

IGI Car Insurance is a complete insurance plan for the vehicle. It covers damages done to the car against terrorism, flood, burglary, accident, strike, riot, natural hazards, malicious acts, and third-party liability. To buy IGI Car Insurance, visit the Mawazna Car Insurance comparison platform.

SPI Car Insurance

SPI Insurance offers a Private Comprehensive Motor Policy that covers damages against the vehicle due to accident, burglary, riot, strike, malicious act, natural calamities, third-party liabilities, etc. To buy SPI Car Insurance, visit the Mawazna Car Insurance comparison platform.